Local Rules

Out of
Bounds (Rule 18)

a) On or beyond the wire fences, railings and walls bounding the course, and on or beyond the line of white stakes to the left of the 5th fairway.

b) On or over the tarmacadam surface surrounding the clubhouse and in the car park. The boundary is the wall and cement kerb, and between these, the edge of the tarmacadam.

Areas (Rule 17)

All ponds on holes 1, 2, 10
and 11 are red penalty areas. Their margins are defined by red stakes and/or
red lines. On the 10th hole the greenside wall forms the margin with
the outside edge of the wall as the margin of the penalty area.

Parts of the Course

Bark protection wrapping such
as wire and other objects attached to trees are integral objects from which
free relief is not allowed.

Obstructions (Rule 16)

Water fountains, staked trees,
all roads and pathways within the course are treated as immovable obstructions
from which relief is allowed.

On the 10th hole
ALL ground to the right of the pathway is considered an immovable obstruction.
This includes machinery sheds, concrete apron and hard-core extension. Relief
is obtained by dropping to the left of the pathway within one club-length of
the nearest point of relief from the pathway and not nearer the hole.

Under Repair (Rule 16)

In general GUR is marked but
also includes cuttings from grass or trees piled for removal, tree stumps, and
the greens and bunkers on the practice fairway and the practice green to the
left of the first tee.


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