Dress Code


Members and visitors are expected to maintain a high standard of dress on the Course and in the Clubhouse. Members playing with visitors are responsible for their dress and must make sure that all visitors sign in.


- Golf shoes must be worn on the course.

- Singlets are not permitted.

- Only tailored shorts, together with sports socks are permitted.

- Denim jeans are not permitted on the Golf Course.

- Football, soccer, rugby, hoodies, tracksuits, etc. attire is not permitted.

- Mobile phones are not permitted on the course (except in the case of



- Golf shoes are not permitted in the Clubhouse.

- Denim jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse.

- Mobile phones may be used but please do so in a discreet and respectful manner.

- Dress should be neat and tidy in keeping with the high standards of the club.

(Tracksuits are not permitted in the Clubhouse)

- Sports caps are not permitted.

Thank you for your compliance with this dress code.

The club reserves the right to deny access to anyone improperly dressed and appreciates your cooperation.

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